AI and influencer marketing

AI and influencer marketing

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Influencer marketing is not the last trend, but the combination between Artificial intelligence and influencer marketing is. As we all know marketing is one of the spheres that innovation strategies are applied first in order to attract customers and sell more. Today, marketing is revolutionized by AI and will become fundamental for future business development.

We live in very comfortable environment, where every question can be answered in a click thanks to Google`s AI, which can give you the right answer in seconds.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

It is a sphere of computer science that aims to create intelligent machines which can help people in different aspects of their lives. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, machines can learn from experience and adapt to new environment. We can use AI for logical reasoning, problem-solving, learning, and planning in order to modernize the process of influencer marketing.

What can AI do in influencer marketing?

Find the right influencer to promote your product

First, Ai can make an analysis of the most appropriate influencer who can take part in your campaign. AI will analyse trends and create patterns of the content which is posted by the influencers and show you the brand`s best match. This will help the brand to connect to the audience that is similar to its current followers and subscribers and increase awareness. There are many influencers in various industries like fashion, beauty, fitness, technology etc. And the brands have a huge choice to connect with. One of the most essential activities in order to create an effective influencer marketing campaign is to share appropriate content, which is relevant to target audience`s interests. It doesn`t matter if you are a Start-up or an established brand, Ai system can identify the trends and patterns of your content and show you the influencer who can present your products to the right audience.

Avoid fake followers and subscribers

The big threat for the success of every influencer marketing campaign is the fake followers and subscribers. According to Sway OPS, an anti-fraud company, which surveyed one day’s worth of Instagram posts tagged either #sponsored or #ad. There were 118,007 comments in that engagement. Only 20,942 could be proved to be made by real people. The remaining 97,065 were fake and made by AI-powered bots. Nevertheless, influencer platforms that are using AI are able to scan data and find any suspicious activity and help us to create effective influencer campaigns.

Track influencer`s performance

Systems powered by AI can track an influencer’s performance and help a lot in the execution of your campaign. You can use Natural Language Processing or NLP to analyse the type of comments and answers, which influencers receive for each post. Moreover, you can compare other metrics such as level of engagement and sales conversions with predetermined campaign goals. And, you can use AI to analyse a history from older influencer marketing campaigns to find out which activities worked best.

In addition in our next post we will present you the most effective platforms, which are based on AI and can help you to create the best influence marketing campaigns. 

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