People follow people, who they want to associate with, and people that like the same things as them.  If you want to start a “social media career” as an influencer, here are few things that you should keep on mind. Today we will present you the steps you should take in order to become a successful influencer.  

1. Find your place:

First, it is very important to find your passion, to find something, which is interesting for you. You should find your niche and present valuable information to your audience by your own way. It is not necessary to start something just because you like someone else is doing it and he or she is earning money this way. That does not mean that you will be as successful as they are. 

You can check the most popular industries in the influencer marketing. The competition will be stronger but this is a good sign and means that these industries invest in influencers. It is a good idea if you can combine 2 of your interests, which are similar or connected. For example, you can review beauty products and explain the business side of the industry, in this case you combine beauty and business. There is an opportunity, that later the brands will contact you to test their products and people will ask you for business advices. 

Influencer tip:

Emily Canham: GO FOR IT! You're never going to improve or find your internet niche until you publish that first post or video.

2. Set your goals:

It is essential to write down what you want to achieve as an influencer. It will be easier, if you write down your goals and ideas for the future development of your channels. In order to do that, our experts have developed a template/ an example and you can find it here.

3. Choose the best media channels for your goals:

Here you have a huge choice of social media that you can use, but keep in mind your goals and which media is more appropriate for your content and target audience. For example, if you want to be an influencer in the business sphere, don`t miss LinkedIn to present your content. If you want to become a beauty guru, definitely Instagram and YouTube will help you to increase your audience. 

Our advice is to focus on 2-3 social media in the begging. Social media management takes time, it is better to have 2 quality social media profiles instead of 10 that are not well managed. Furthermore, check all the latest statistics in order to know which channel is most visited from your audience 

Influencer tip:

Karina Irby of @karina_irby: “Diversity: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. One social channel will work for one person or business, but may fail for another. You might have a huge following on Instagram, but the people that spend money with you are on located Facebook.”

Facebook, it is the most popular social media at the moment. It has over 2 billion active users and it holds the majority market share (Source: Statista). And it is still the fastest growing social network. So, you should be there as an influencer.


On the other side, according to Marketing Profs, influencers  prefer Instagram as a platform to express their ideas. 

4. Create a content plan

Create a list of possible topics that you can write/talk about if you want to start a blog or vlog. Think about possible post, pictures and videos for your social media in terms of each topic. To be more useful, we have developed a template. Here you can find an example for idea or content plan of a future beauty influencer. It is really important to know that your plan have to be related to your goals. 

In order to be a successful influencer, you should have regular presence on your social media channels. To do this by the best way, you can use apps that can synchronize all of them. We can recommend Buffer, it is user friendly  and it is used by many agencies, which is a sign for a good product.   

It will be useful, if you think about the types of publication. For example, if you make a video you can post a teaser about it, share short information and ask questions via social media stories.

5. Give your audience a valuable information and engage them:

Internet is full of information, but only the valuable one is appreciable and shareable by the audience. To catch your audience, make a good research of the questions that people have within your niche and answer them by your own unique way. Tell good stories that will help people and use appropriate hashtags. If you are inspired by someone, mention her or his work. It is essential to present the information with a friendly tone in order to let audience close to you.  Tag popular brands in your post and share your honest opinion about them. Moreover, to increase fast your audience, host giveaways. Tag popular brands in your post and share your opinion about them. You can organize them alone or with different types collaborations.

6. Collaborations/Contacts:


Introduce yourself and contact with the other influencers in your niche. It is important to know that they are not your competition, everyone is unique and has his or her own subscribers and followers. Try to find different types of collaborations in order to present your passion to a bigger audience. For example, you can collaborate with a poplar youtuber, you can take part in a podcast or organize an interview with a popular influencer on your channels. By this way you are attracting a bigger audience and this is the key step in how to become popular social media influencer.


Tag famous brands on your post and share your honest opinion about them. Moreover, to increase fast your audience, host giveaways. You can organize them alone or with brands. Contact your favourite brands and present your idea for collaboration and ask them to send you products. Be professional and always send them a feedback after your marketing activity. You can present number of post likes, post shares and comments. Besides, it is a good opportunity to explain your ideas for future collaborations and expected results from them. It is important to make quality business contacts, because later these contacts will be your source of incomes.


Influencer tip:

Zoella: “Collaboration is key – speaking with other bloggers and finding the people you can grow with. That was huge for me and my friends: we all held hands and went along together, so we never felt alone.”


 7. Be consistent and don`t give up


To become an influencer is a hard-working process and it takes a long time. Don`t give up and give a quality content to your audience on regular bases. If you are stacked up with ideas, search for an inspiration everywhere – read books on this topic, watch movies or look at your favourite series from a different point of view and share all the knowledge with your followers.


So, are you ready to start your real influencer career today?

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