YouTube has transformed the way we consume and sell products and content. This massive growth of the platform has created a new generation of celebrities and influencers who become famous just by using YouTube in order to build their loyal audience. Consumers love to watch someone whom they can interact with and relate to.

In the field of beauty industry, youtubers have replaced celebrities as main choice for collaborations. Why? The main reason is that beauty brands prefer to work with influencers because this kind of marketing looks more natural. Influencers also produce interesting content, that makes the social presence of the brand less aggressive for the audience.

Here are placed our favourite beauty gurus on YouTube.  




Zoe Sugg is 28 years old and has started to post videos on YouTube in 2009. She started as a charm British girl who talks about everything from her favourite beauty products to anxiety. She is one of the most popular beauty influencers in YouTube.



For these 9 years she has developed a number of successful channels. Her YouTube channel has more than 11 million subscribers,more than 1 million followed her on Instagram and her tweets are interesting for more than 204 K users. Moreover, she has her own range of beauty products,and she is an author of books like “Girlonline”. According to Forbes magazine (2017) she is #1 beauty influencer on the planet.

She is an inspirational person not only for her followers but for her friends and family too. Her younger brother Joe Sugg is a vlogger too and his YouTube channel is subscribed by 8 million, her best friend Louise Pentland also has a beauty channel, called “Sprinkleofglitter”. Zoe and Louise often make videos together on each other’s` YouTube channels. Her boyfriend Alfie is also inspired by the magic of YouTube power and hereis his channel.



Tanya Burr

Tanya joined YouTube in 2009 and has more than 3,6million subscribers now, and more than 3 million followers on Instagram.YouTube generation likes her because she makes impressive videos about beauty,fashion and style. She is a professional makeup artist and share all her hacks and knowledge with the audience.

Nowadays Tanya is not only a famous youtuber,she has a cosmetic brand and she is an author of “Love,Tanya”. This book is inspirational, it isn't just about beauty but also about happiness and confidence! Earlier this year she released the book “TanyaBakes”, which is a recipe book with  her favourite recipes included in.

Tanya Burr

In terms of her love life, Tanya ismarried Jim Chapman, who is also a youtuber. You can read more informationabout him in the next articles.


Wayne Goss

Wayne Goss is a beauty guru on YouTube, he has over 3 million subscribers. His channel is like a bible in the beauty world. He has more than 15 years makeup experience and through his channel you can improve your makeup skills, get valuable information about new products on the market or become a professional makeup artist.

Wayne Goss

In the end of 2013 Wayne launched his online of makeup brushes in partnership with “Beautylish”. It is interesting that the collection was sold out in the very first minutes after launching online. Besides, it is amazing that his limited-edition Holiday Brush gathered a 12,000-person waiting list before release.

Goss has a second YouTube channel “Gossmakeupchat”,where he regularly posts product reviews and videos discussing other topics.This Channel has more than 400 k subscribers and 39 million views.



Lisa Eldridge

As many vloggers, she is not only a YouTube star. Lisa is an author, creative director of the popular brand Lancome and a makeup artist to the most famous celebrities, models, magazines and brands. She is an author of “FacePaint: The Story of Makeup”, which quickly becomes New York Times bestseller.

Lisa Eldridge Instagrammer 

In 2010, Eldridge launched her website and was one of the first highly-successful professional make-up artists, who creates online make-up tutorials for her site and YouTube channel. Her YouTube channel has more than 1.8 million subscribers.



Kaushal Beauty

She is an Indian, but was born and grew up inEngland. Her videos and blog posts are dedicated to the beauty world. The most of her liked videos are about makeup tutorials and she has more than 2 millionsubscribers.

Kaushal Beauty Influencer


Patricia Bright

She is 31 years old beauty influencer and hasover 2 million subscribers on YouTube. She catches the audience with her original and honest videos. She is honored with the ‘Most Innovative FashionVideo’ award by “InStyle” fashion magazine. She has collaborated with many celebrities like Khloe Kardashian. Patricia is also associated with many high-end cosmetic brands like MAC, Too Faced, Kylie, and Fenty Beauty. Moreover, she has her own MAC lipstick shade, which is really strong, matte brown. It can be worn alone or with gloss for something even bolder.

The beauty influencer Patricia has another channel, which is named ‘Britpoplife’, where she only posts vlogs on this channel.The channel is full of important events that have taken place in her life.



Patricial Bright

Her future plans are to open an online business school for aspiring bloggers and developing a skincare range with Coty.


Jamie Genevieve

Jamie is 25 years old Scottish makeup artist and famous youtuber. She has started her influencer career as sharing her makeup ideas on social media and tagging the brands. People start to visit her channel and ask her for help. Her subscribers on YouTube are over 720 K and Instagram followers are more than 1 million. She also has her own MAC lipstick shade, which is in nude colour.

Jamie Genevieve Lipstick


Emily Canham

Sheis just 21 and has started her vlogger carrier in 2012. Since then, she has been posting videos about makeup, beauty, as well as fashion videos on her channel.This channel has earned a legion of more than 877 K subscribers, over than 77 million views and over half million followers on Instagram. Emily is also L'Oreal Paris Digital Makeup Ambassador. Her most popular videos about beauty are “FACE FULL OF MAKEUP THAT I HATE... GONE WRONG!” and “HALF HIGH END HALF DRUGSTORE FACE”.


Lily Pebbles

Lily has started her influencer carrier at the university. Encouraged by her digital marketing lecturer, she started with a beauty blog but know it is a much more. She also has a YouTube channel, thanks to which is one of the most popular beauty youtubers in the UK. Her channel has over 484 K and her Instagram profile is followed by 410 K.

Moreover, she has a podcast named “At Home With…”, in which she goes into the homes of women everyone admires to chat to them about their career, their home etc. She also is an author of “TheF Word”.

Estee Lalonde

She is Canadian but in 2010 she moved to London in order to be with her boyfriend Aslan. She is 28 years old and her YouTubechannel has over 1 million subscribers. Estee won “InStyle UK’s Best Beauty Reviewer Award” in 2015 and has partnered up with popular global brands leBurberry and The Body Shop.

Her most popular videos are “BEST DRUGSTORE SKINCARE UNDER £15!” and “'No Makeup' Drugstore Makeup Tutorial” . She is also an author of “Bloom”.There she shares the moments, people, things and life lessons that have made her who she is today and offers her tips for happy life.

These are our 7 favourite YouTube beauty influencers in the UK by now. If your much-loved beauty influencer is not here, you can comment her/his name and it will be added to our next articles.

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